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NickWorks Standard Computer Services

Call in NickWorks IT Support for any of the following with your Windows PC (these are just examples - if you have any IT problem, contact NickWorks):

Setting Up:

  • Workstations
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Digital cameras
  • New software
  • Broadband Wireless Networking

Problems with:

  • Hardware
  • Viruses and Malware
  • Disk space
  • Slow computers
  • Monitors, mice, keyboards

Advice on and help with:

  • Future purchases
  • Backing up your data
  • Upgrading
  • Making the most of your pictures
  • Software
  • Internet telephony
  • Creating your own website

NickWorks Remote Computer Support


You can book a NickWorks Remote Support session for any purpose. It's like a home visit, but simpler and cheaper because no-one needs to actually visit your home!

Remote access software will be used which allows NickWorks to see your screen and control your keyboard and mouse. This can only be done with your express permission, and after the remote support session ends noone can access your PC remotely.

From there on, it's up to you. You can:

  • Get software installed
  • Get advice on data security
  • Deal with malware and viruses
  • Set up secure backup to an online location (this is free for small amounts of data)
  • Ask about anything that is worrying you
  • Set up printers or scanners
  • Get advice on software

...in fact almost anything!!! It's ideal for small jobs and quick questions.

Remote Support is NOT suitable for:

  • Serious hardware problems
  • Reinstalls
  • Major virus outbreaks
  • Broadband problems (you need a working internet connection to use Remote Support)

A standard Remote Support Session lasts up to 20 minutes. Many smaller jobs can be completed within this time. If more time is needed, you can book more sessions, or ask for a quote for the complete job.


Download the NickWorks Remote Agent





Backup Service

IDrive Remote Backup

Don't rely on a USB disk or an occasional copy of your data. Your valuable files and irreplacable data should be automatically and securely backed up to a remote location. NickWorks has teamed up with iDrive to offer an ideal solution. 

The IDrive cloud backup can be obtained from here:

IDrive Cloud Backup

More details can be found here.

Authorized Reseller



NickWorks Reinstall


When things go badly wrong with a Windows PC, this is the way to recover your computer and your data. Because of the amount of work involved, your computer would normally be taken to our workshop, and up to a full day would be required to carry out the work below - charged at the normal hourly rate.

The hard disk would be removed from your computer and a fresh copy of Windows installed on a new disk. All your data would be transferred to the new disk (from the old disk or from backups). All software would be reinstalled onto the new system.

Note that for re-installation of non-standard software you would need to provide install media, and license keys may be required.

If the old disk has failed entirely (this is quite unusual), and you have no backups, and your data is valuable, the data can normally be recovered - though this is costly.




NickWorks can create small websites. You can manage the content yourself, or NickWorks can do it for you for a small charge. NickWorks can organise the purchase of a domain name for your site.

View the example site created for White Rose Morris Men.

A complete ready-made website is offered with lifetime web hosting - for a flat fee of £99.



NickWorks Printing

NickWorks now offers a professional printing service at wonderfully low prices. Email or ring for a quote! Examples:

1000 A5 flyers, printed in full colour: from £49 inc VAT and delivery!!

100 A3 posters, printed in full colour: from £64 inc VAT and delivery!!


Replace your PC!

NickWorks can supply you with a replacement machine at a great price!! 

NickWorks refurbished Windows PCs: only £60. 

Good quality small form-factor desktop PCs. Call for availability and details.

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